Social Business Helpline Podcast: The Millennial Congressman

May 14, 2014

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In this episode: Today we bring you an extended episode and a special treat! In our show opener, find out why podcast host, Denise Holt, calls her friend, Congressman Eric Swalwell, “The Millennial Congressman.” At age 33, Congressman Swalwell has proven to be a true and dedicated leader who uses social media and digital technology brilliantly to stay connected with his district, whether at home or in Washington DC. Listen in to find out how… This week’s questions are answered by...


Social Business Helpline, Episode 006

April 27, 2014

In today’s ever-changing world of social business and digital transformation, staying up to date with cutting edge technology and best practices is not easy.

Here’s your chance to ask industry thought leaders any and all of your burning questions! Get relevant advice from those who know best… Call the Social Business Helpline at (855) 768-3553. Leave a voice mail question to be selected for a future show.

In this episode: Show host, Denise Holt, navigates caller questions with answers by Ric Dragon, Ted Shelton, Chuck Hester, Rob Peacock and guest panelist, Kim Celestre.

Questions answered:

  • Can using Facebook interest lists, circumvent the newsfeed algorithm for more views by...

Social Business Helpline, Episode 004

April 6, 2014

In today’s ever changing world of social business and digital transformation, staying up to date with cutting edge technology and best practices is not easy.

Here’s your chance to ask your favorite industry thought leaders any and all of your burning questions! Get relevant advice from those who know best… We call this, “Strategy Sparking.”

In this episode: After dinner live chat with Natascha Thomson, owner and founder of MarketingXLerator about Facebook (and the very public Eat24 break-up with Facebook), Instagram, Google + and more. Questions: Is Facebook worth spending money on ads given the latest algorithm change? A candidate for mayor asks how to use social media to stay connected with real world community? How to integrate Google Hangouts with live-streaming on YouTube? How do you get employees to buy into your campaigns?...


Social Business Helpline, Episode 001

February 26, 2014

In today’s ever changing world of social business and digital transformation, staying up to date with cutting edge technology and best practices is not easy.

Here’s your chance to ask your favorite industry thought leaders any and all of your burning questions! Get relevant advice from those who know best… We call this, “Strategy Sparking.”

It’s easy. Here’s what you do…

Call this number for the Social Business Helpline: (855) SO-TELLER or (855) 768-3553

In this episode: NYC Fashion Week and Marc Jacobs Twitter pop-up store, Edgerank woes, ways to involve employees when creating employee advocacy guidelines, film content creators and marketing firms – profit sharing vs. upfront fees, how to get executives to be more social, and suggestions for staying on top of important platform changes, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Answers by Michael Brito,...

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How to Enable Employee Brand Ambassadors Through Social Media

Featured on on February 17, 2014

By Lauren Drell

Will B-to-B companies start paying their employees to promote their workplace on Twitter? How about encouraging them to amplify a brand’s Web content or listen to online conversations on LinkedIn? Thanks to social media, some companies have started using their employees as built-in brand ambassadors. Employees are the face of the brand and have a coveted “insider” perspective, but these new employee ambassador initiatives are unchartered territory for many brands—some still struggle with designing effective training programs for their employees so they can effectively listen and push out messages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Liz Bullock, current CEO and co-founder of the Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI) and former director of social media and community (SMaC) at Dell, consults with organizations on how to empower and train employees in...

From Enron to Advocacy

From Enron to Advocacy: How Women are Transforming Corporate Culture

Featured on on February 12, 2014

By Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder and SVP at SocialChorus

When you look at the companies pioneering advocate marketing and other social media strategies, you’ll notice a common theme: women are leading the charge. Although women are underrepresented in C-level and VP-level roles, they are disproportionately creating entire marketing, sales, human resources and customer service strategies grounded in social connectivity. As powerful women translate company values, goals and brand identity into actions, social media has become their medium of choice. By championing advocacy within their organizations—by making their customers and employees the motors of company participation, inspiration and appreciation—I believe women are transforming corporate culture on an unprecedented scale. The results will redefine our notions of leadership for years to come...


25 Women That Rocked Social Media in 2013

December 31, 2013

By Lee Odden

Three years ago I read an article on ClickZ listing “social media rock stars” and while I was honored to be listed, there were very few women were on it. I published a blog post with a list of 25 women from my own network that were rocking the social web and a meme was born.

This is the 4th installment of a yearly list we create, many of which are nominated by past honorees.

We’ve recognized 100 women in all, so if your favorite social media rock star isn’t in this edition, be sure to check 2012, 2011 and 2010.

This year’s list includes a diverse group: brand marketers, consultants and PR pros. Plus others that are doing work where social media plays a significant factor (like fundraising for good causes). What better way to celebrate New...

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Your Best Advocates Already Work For You: How Leading Companies are Powering Employee Advocates

November 7, 2013

Featuring Employee Advocacy Expert Liz Bullock

Employee advocates help brands reach new audiences. In fact, when Dell activated their employees on social media, they found just an 8% overlap with their employees’ audiences. Factor in that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when it’s recommended by a trusted source, and it’s clear that Advocate Marketing is more powerful than ever.

Not only are employees a highly trusted source, but they possess the knowledge and passion to be highly effective brand advocates. As little as 200 employee advocates can reach 8 million consumers, drive 14,000 social engagements and create 600 pieces of content.

View this webinar to learn employee advocate best practices, including how to:

  • Find and recruit your best employees
  • Power employees to create and share brand content
  • Measure advocate performance against your marketing goals

Download Now

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Exclusive Interview – Liz Bullock on What’s Next in Digital Engagement

October 16, 2013

I met Liz at one of the events in Austin a few years ago. I have great respect for her work and she’s one of the few thought leaders in our industry today I admire – because she has done it all. I think you will enjoy hearing her thoughts on What’s Next for the enterprise especially around training and truly preparing for the social enterprise. She also discusses challenges for the social enterprise and what it takes to truly be socially enabled. If you have any questions or would like to follow up with her in her new role, use the contact form and I would be happy to connect you.

Dachis Social Business Journal.png

Dachis Group: Social Business Journal - The Employee Advocacy Issue

October 1, 2013

Once you've identified employee advocates as a key component to your marketing strategy, how do you identify those advocates? How do you encourage them to socially advocate on behalf of your brand, and then measure their impact on your business?

We touch on these topics and more, in the latest issue of the Social Business Journal.

Download your copy and check out:

  • Tony Hsieh (Zappos) on "Delivering Happiness"
  • Liz Brown Bullock (SASI, formerly of Dell) on how to run a social media training program
  • Lara Hendrickson and Brian Kotlyar (Dachis Group) on "How to Supercharge your Brand with Employee Advocacy"
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On the Record Podcast: Social Media Training at Dell

August 5, 2013

Social media marketing at scale requires engagement at scale and few organizations do a better job social media training their workforce to engage en masse than Dell Computer.

The PC-maker’s Social Media and Community University (SMaC) has already social media trained thousands of employees from virtually all segments of the enterprise. Whether you’re a social media manager or shipping and receiving clerk, Dell has a social media course that’s right for you.

In this special episode of the On the Record...Online podcast social media training specialist Eric Schwartzman(@ericschwartzman) and former Director of Social Media & Community at Dell Liz Bullock (@lizbbullock) go beyond social media marketing to discuss the practical aspects of driving enterprise wide adoption through social media training, social media...


Interviews with Industry Leaders: Liz Bullock

June 20, 2013

Recently I had to opportunity to sit down with Liz Bullock, formerly Director of Social Media and Community at Dell, who is now CEO and co-founder of Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI). Liz was a part of the Social Media and Community team at Dell, which provided overarching social media strategy for the entire organization. She is an expert in social media and advocacy strategy, especially when it comes to training and activating employees and turning them into brand advocates in social channels.

Dell realized early on the power of social media. They recognized that conversations were happening about Dell on social media and knew that they had to be involved in those conversation – engaging, connecting, and interacting with their customers.

A cornerstone of the company’s social media strategy is embedding social in the fabric of the company and driving employee participation to listen, engage and deepen customer relationships. One of the primary goals for Dell’s employee advocate program is to get “as many employees understanding and using social media to be...