SOCIAL MEDIA is the new normal in modern business operations environments.

SASI is focused entirely on helping companies develop a highly customized and effective social media training program. This will enable you to reduce risk, scale social engagement, deepen customer relationships, and drive business results.


Boot Camp

The first step in developing a training program is SASI’s one-day Boot Camp. It’s an intense process with powerful results. The goals are simple:

  • Identify and quickly solve for key decisions necessary to launch a social media training program (employee roles, governance, metrics, leadership support, etc.)
  • Identify the most efficient, effective, and results-driven way to launch your training program (course curriculum, deployment plan, tools, and metrics)


You made it through Boot Camp… congratulations! Now it’s time to start training. SASI will help you identify your training curriculum, build out training course materials, and conduct training sessions.

Sample training course topics include:

  • Foundation (Social Media 101)
  • Social Strategy
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Business for Executives
  • Platform Specific courses: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  • Specific Audience courses: Managing Influencers (PR), Best Engagement Practices (Customer Service)
  • Skill Enhancing courses: Writing, Listening for Business Insights

Deployment: SASI offers multiple options for training deployment: in-person training, online training, or train the trainer. We’ll create a solution that best fits your needs.

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