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Top 20 Tech Companies with Most Social Employees

Which companies have the most socially connected employees? SociaLook just launched a leaderboard of top tech companies with the highest employee Twitter engagement. Did you know Adobe has the highest percentage of its employees participating on Twitter with almost 10%*?

Companies have begun looking at how many active employees they have on social so they can better understand how to empower them. These powerful employees are sharing their companies’ stories, creating connections with potential and existing customers and fans. When active employees have conversations with followers, they show the human side to the company, fostering relationships between the consumers and the brand based on community and trust.

The SociaLook leaderboard for October 2013 ranks the largest 20 tech companies based on their employee engagement on Twitter. The rank is based on a composite score of various criteria, such as percent of total employees on Twitter and volume of followers impacted by employees. Yahoo!’s active employee base reaches over 4 million followers. How does the employee reach compare to the reach of your corporate accounts?

Don’t see your company on this list? SociaLook gives you the opportunity to add it yourself at the bottom of the leaderboard.

As an organization, knowing how many of your employees are participating on social media will help you understand the full scope of their power. Once you recognize your active employees, you can empower them to be an advocate for your brand.

*Disclaimer: Adobe is a SASI client.