Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For

Top 10 things I’m thankful for (In no particular order):

#1. Incredible and forward thinking clients, wanting to socially enable their workforce to make a business impact and closer customer relationships.

#2. Patient clients willing to delay our initial meeting, as I drove to a Mexican restaurant in Park City vs. their corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

#3. To an incredible partner who constantly shares diverse opportunities, even the idea of a bus tour! Stay tuned for SASI bus tour 2014!

#4. Great office location next to Austin’s town lake trail and never-ending list of juices (Juiceland!). New office address: 2307 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

#5. For our clients and partners who appreciate our quirky sense of humor, random nicknames and ability to bring fun into the work environment.

#6. Ability to bring my dog, Mortimer, up to the office. Although, not sure the rest of the office is thankful for his gas…

#7. My supportive staff, family and friends, who have constantly cheered us on, celebrating every win and providing daily support.

#8. All the follows, retweets, and comments for @getSASI

#9. The opportunity to share our insights via interviews, webinars and conferences, even if one blog post misspelled my last name to “Bullcok.”

#10. All our clients and partners willing to take a chance on us.