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Holiday Gift Guide for Employee Advocates

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite employee advocates? SASI has you covered, with some super sassy social surprises.

1. Keep your employees warm this winter with You “Tube” socks. ($7.40)

2. A Social Sticky Notes Pad will help your rock star employees keep track of the little things. ($4.49)

3. These small social media-themed pillows are a great complement to those uncomfortable office chairs. ($24.99-$32)

4. Get together and celebrate the holiday season with your social employees at a Tweetup party.

5. Employees will “like” using this coffee mug before (or during!) a hard day’s work. ($7.99)

6. For that extra special social employee, give the gift of LinkedIn Premium. ($19.95 for Business, $39.95 for Business Plus)